Who Is Johnny Mananas?

Paco had a very good eating place in Ensenada where he was famous for serving big, tasty, healthy meals. He was also good at making friends- especially Americans with good appetites and the dollars to pay for his big healthy meals. One of his friends was Johnny who knew enough Spanish to get by- "Buenos dias, senorita. Una cerveza. Gracias and no dinero but manana." On one trip to Ensenada, Johnny bought a sombrero, a sarape and a bottle of tequila. He had lots of fun, but next morning he woke up in front of Paco's- mucho hungover, mucho hungry and only one dollar left In his pocket.

No problem-Johnny Manana (by now everyone In that small pueblo knew him by that name) would go in and order one of Paco's big, healthy meals, give Paco the $1 bill and pay the rest manana. But Paco had had enough. He told Johnny no more manana. Johnny went outside and did some creative thinking. He took out his pen and got artistic. He went back to Paco holding a $4 bill, enough for a big, healthy meal. Johnny ate, handed the $4 bill to Paco, and got some change. He left saying
"See you manana."

When Paco realized how the $1 bill had become a $4 bill, he decided to go to San Diego and look for Johnny. He came all the way to Oceanside, but couldn't find him. Instead of going back to Ensenada, he decided to open an eating place here where the heavenly aroma of Paco's tacos would attract Johnny so he could get his money back. To make sure, he named his new place after his friend. He called it Johnny Manana's.